on finding things – or not

Packing up a houseful leads to some interesting discoveries.

I found:

  • the missing shoulder pad out of my red cardigan (although I can’t remember where I packed the non-missing one). Granted the cardigan looks a bit odd with the shoulder pads in since I forgot to remove them before washing and they shrunk, but hey…
  • a pair of tweezers, which sounds mundane, but they’re a part of a special manicure set my sister bought me for my 21st birthday. Odd that tweezers can have sentimental value, but these do! Had worried I’d thrown them out of the window like I did a different pair (don’t ask).
  • a key at the bottom of my sock drawer, hung on a purple ribbon. This is fascinating, as I can’t recall what it’s for.  Am I keeping a secret diary – so secret even I don’t know I have one?!
  • something else that I thought was missing and was pleased to find. Such is the nature of my brain that I’ve forgotten what it was, although I remember feeling pleased to discover it. Hopefully I’ll re-find it when I unpack.

I did not find:

  • the diamond out of my engagement ring (poo).
  • my celtic band ring, which seems to have done a runner since it realised my engagement ring was at the jewellers. Apparently it can’t stand life without the diamond on my other hand. I’m hoping it will turn up but so far it’s eluding me (double poo).

I’ve also discovered that taking time off from packing and having a change of scene makes me pack more productively.

Still trying to remember what that key is all about.

Comments welcome!

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