on boxes

I have been packing the last few days.

My book manuscript is with my editor, so while he’s going over it I’m using the time to get familiar with all the boxes (before I have to work at making all the necessary changes!).

First off, I unpacked some boxes and repacked them, having realised I’d not done it in the most helpful way. Waste of time? Well, no, not really. Sometimes we need to make the mistake, rethink and redo. There’s nothing wrong with that. I needed to do it in order to make life easier on me later. For starters, I could lift them. Regardless of what the removal men will be capable of, I need to be able to shift them around when we get to our new house, without doing myself an injury. (Is it PC to say ‘removal men’? Should I say ‘removal people’ or ‘removers’?!)

I should really apply that lesson elsewhere. I need frequent ‘check ups’ in my life or I plough on, regardless of my weariness, struggling more than necessary. I pack too many things into one ‘box’, forgetting how heavy it will get for me later. I say ‘yes’ to too many things or am far to ambitious about what I can manage.  I want to do the best I can do, but that’s not the same as the most I can do.

Do we mistake ‘most’ for ‘best’ in our lives? That the more we pack in, the more valuable we are? Or do we remember that God calls us to rest in him, and to be empowered by his Spirit – in the small things as well as the big things?

Boxes are all well and good. But best to pack the big boxes with lighter stuff, and heavy things in smaller boxes.

But when the choice is not mine and life gets ‘heavy’ all at once, I pray for a really strong box – and trust the everlasting arms to do the carrying.

Comments welcome!

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