Little Stars…and beyond #SpaceAcademy

This week I’ve been helping out with our church’s first holiday club (1 of 2), based on Scripture Union’s Space Academy material.  We were exploring the stories of Daniel.

I was helping with the under 5s, aka the Little Stars.  We each had our own ‘zone’ called our space station, which we decorated…

Little Stars space station

We wanted to make it a space (oops! no pun intended!) the little ones could enjoy…and display the things they’d made. 2013-08-02 12.04.41

As we had the youngest group, we would go out separately at one point and tell them that day’s story using the under 5s’ material, showing them pictures. They were so good at remembering the story and had all kinds of great questions: Where is God? What does God look like? How can God talk to all of us? They loved singing ‘Our God is a Great Big God’ in our mini-sessions – so much so that it caught on with the rest of the kids and by the end of the week there was usually a slot where everyone jumped up onto the stage and sang with the Little Stars.

The other teams also made fab space stations:

The Asteroids


The Rocket Boosters

Rocket Boosters

 The NightfliersThe Nightfliers

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