#Digifaith – new writing competition

The Association of Christian Writers (ACW) and the BIGBible Project have launched a blog post writing competition on the theme of Christian Writing in a Digital Age (#DigiFaith).

Entrants should write a blog post reflecting on the theme of no more than 450 words. Each post should include something to do with writing, something to do with faith and something to do with the digital age.

Details re. prizes and on how to enter are on the #digifaith blog, or see http://www.christianwriters.org.uk/blog-writing-competition

To get you thinking: 

Entrants can interpret the theme in whatever way they see fit; however ideas/inspiration could include things like:

  • how we express ourselves in a Christ-like way online
  • the opportunities and drawbacks in a digital world for spreading the good news by writing
  • is there a ‘Christian ethic’ of writing – and how does this apply to blogging, tweeting,  facebooking etc?
  • what style of writing is tweeting and facebooking? How do we apply the writers’ craft to this – or do we?
  • what makes a good writer? How is this different (if it is different) from writing prior to the digital age?
  • what about ‘text’ and ‘tweet’ speak? Do we love it or hate it? Digital jargon – does it obscure our meaning?
  • what is a ‘Christian’ writer? Is it someone who writes Christian content? Or someone who has a Christian faith and is also a writer? Do we have a responsibility to embody our faith in an age where little remains hidden?

3 thoughts on “#Digifaith – new writing competition

  1. Colleen says:

    I wonder if it constitutes ‘Christian writing’ if you write questions to God & believe that through journalling He answers. In my book ‘Kind Words by a Gracious God’ on Amazon Kindle I published this as I want others to see that He too can ‘write’ in a personal & encouraging way. I wonder if blogging about Him is ‘Christian writing’. I think anything that points the Way to him is. Colleen


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