lilac Syringa vulgaris in bloom

NEXT DOOR BUT ONE FROM US has always been a bird and wildlife haven. The back garden was so jam packed with bushes and trees that, admittedly, the fence was bending under the weight.  When new people moved in, it would seem sensible for them to erect a new fence.

Some cutting back would be necessary, of course.

But they have not simply cut things back. They have cut down everything. Every tree, every bush, has gone. It is bare.

I have always admired the lilac that flowers this time of year. I’ve even hung out of the spare room window admiring it and wishing I could have it. But now it’s gone. Cut down in full bloom.

I was astounded. Who chops down a lilac in full bloom? I said aloud. It was beautiful. And now it’s gone.

The birds are gone too.

“There’s a dunnock in the garden,” my husband informed me this afternoon.

“Really?” I asked with some excitement. “That’s the first bird we’ve seen in days.”

We usually have dunnocks in the garden; there’s hardly a moment without them.  Now – the blue tits, the blackbirds, the robins, the dunnocks – absent.

I can only hope that they readjust their habits and slowly come back to our garden. But the reality is they used to come to our garden after visiting that other garden – the other garden where they frequently nested, the fledglings tumbling over to visit us. Now, that haven is gone. It’s nesting season! I protested, before starting to grumble about the lilac again.

So beautiful, yet gone. Regardless of its beauty, its scent, its generosity of flowers.

So many beautiful things are so easily destroyed…

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