I refuse to do business with God

English: A common clipboard.We live in a business-like world. We love our strategies and our steps to success. We love formulas for living, measuring productivity, analysing and assigning blame.

The language of business and marketing pervades our society.

But I refuse to do business with God.

I do not see God as my business manager; I do not see him is as a colleague and certainly not as a client. I do not do business with God because I don’t believe God is business-like. I don’t think he keeps statistics charts of my progress or has a ‘God-le’ calendar of engagements. I don’t think he regularly expects ‘appraisals’ to be conducted by specially assigned angels.

I don’t do business with God, and I don’t believe God does business with me.

I believe God relates to me at a heart-deep, mind-deep level. I believe he’s relational, unpredictable, immeasurable, unnerving, beautiful…

I don’t believe he fits inside our boxes, however smart the packaging, however splendid the bow.

I don’t believe he fits into what we assume – or would ‘like’ – him to be. I don’t believe God conforms to us or our sensibilities.

I love him, fear him, am frequently confused by him, chase after him, sense him chasing me…

Whatever else he may be, he isn’t business-like.

Which makes me wonder who we are reflecting when we make faith an act of business, church a place of business, theology an area of business. Or when we imply they are things to be sold.

Do we refuse to do business with God?

3 thoughts on “I refuse to do business with God

  1. Angela Almond says:

    I agree. It seems so utterly arrogant to ‘do business’ with God. I think it is a reflection of the way things are being done in society generally – that we refer to ‘clients’ where before we had patients, or pupils. Everything seems to be managerial/business language. “Head teachers” and “Nursing sisters” are now business managers – some Pastors are even expecting to operate as business managers.
    But God is the Sovereign Creator of the Universe, and a loving gracious Father – never a ‘businessman’ [or woman!] xx


  2. Joy Lenton says:

    Well said, Lucy. Knowing God is all about relationship first and foremost. He is unchainable, unpredictable and unnerving in many ways. Yet He is also deeply loving, gracious, kind and merciful. God has already ‘done business’ with us at the cross and through His Word, living, breathing and written down. We cannot reduce faith in Him to a model or practice. Each person will relate to God on an individual level. A lot to challenge and think about here. Love this post and really pleased to see you back to blogging, my friend; we’ve missed you! Blessings 🙂 xx


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