rethinking Monday mornings

Yesterday evening I had one of those moments where I suddenly became aware of all the things I needed to ‘do’.  I don’t mean that they all lined up inside my mind; more that I was aware of a whole clutter of things I needed to identify today – that is, Monday morning.The trouble with Monday morning is that the to-do list can seem overwhelming. Or perhaps, like me, the idea of making a to-do list is overwhelming. I just know I’ll write, and write, and write…


Stop, be still.  Gather yourself. Clear space. Declutter.

These were the things that have swum into my mind this morning as I muttered my prayers while drawing the curtains, sipping my cup of tea, putting the washing in the machine.

So this morning I have pottered. I’ve done a little tidying. I’ve chosen to spend Monday morning in a recharge state – a preparation state. Especially here at the beginning of Holy Week.

I’ve decided that the best way to deal with Monday mornings is to stop thinking of them as Monday mornings – ie manic to-do list mornings – but instead a gentle gearing up.

Yes there’s lots to do, but I’ll do it better if I’ve taken the time.

At least, that’s the plan…

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