almond croissants and mini moments

Almond croissant

Not MY almond croissant, but…

Today I had an almond croissant to help increase my energy levels as I sat down to work in a coffee shop (although the accompanying Americano also helped!).

Oh my word.

How come I have never had one of these before?  I’m rather fond of anything almondy. I’ve always adored marzipan. As a child, watching my mum coating a cake, I waited hopefully to see if there was any bits of marzipan left over.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

And this croissant! I thought it just had almond flakes on it, but there’s a whole gooey bit of almondness inside! I almost went cross-eyed with delight (and not just because of my eye condition).

So often I am trying to cope with the big stuff of life. Little things – almond croissant things – should be higher on my list of priorities. Mini moments of delight.

What are your favourite kinds of mini moment?

11 thoughts on “almond croissants and mini moments

  1. Norma says:

    Children laughing always do it for me. In Bolivia, in particular, the kids had to make do with everyday items for play but the joy on their faces was amazing.


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