REVIEW: Threads of Grace by Kelly Long

Grace Beiler is forced by circumstance into marriage with a cruel man. When she is widowed, she cannot imagine ever sharing her heart and life with any man. Her chief concern is the well being of her autistic son, Abel.  When once again propelled into a marriage – made necessary by the terms of her late husband’s will – she finds that Seth Wyse, from another Amish community, is an altogether different kind of husband.

This was an unusual choice of book for me to review.  I felt able to do so because I now have a Kindle and can simply download the books rather than waiting for them to arrive via post from the US – not the quickest!  So I took a bit of a chance here.

It was unusual because I don’t read a lot of romance novels – I have a slight aversion to anything I think is ‘corny’, and have certainly never tried an Amish romance before.

What did I think?  Well, actually I found it a relaxing read, and a book I devoured quickly.  There were points I felt the plot needed fleshing out; as well as some parts that were left unresolved or, should I say, resolved too easily.  There were some characters I wanted to know more about, and to understand more deeply.  In this sense, it did skitter about on the surface at some points over some pretty deep issues – including abuse and the pain of miscarriage.

However, once I decided to take the book on its own merits in its own genre, I quite happily read it all the way through.  I wanted to know how it ended. It’s not too slushy or sentimental but focuses on grace – and not just in the name of the main character!  Within it the reader sees that life can be brutal but beauty can be woven – or in the book’s analogy, quilted – from it.

A simple, pleasant read which manages to encapsulate a sense of innocence despite the harrowing experiences held within its back story.

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