first of all…

I am frequently fascinated by firsts.

Who, I ask, baked the very first cake and who thought up the concept of icing it? Who created the first staircase?

And who on earth first decided to shave their legs and consign generations of women to feel that they had to be hairless?

When I go to bed after a particularly tiring day, I often murmur thanks to whoever it was who first thought of a proper mattress to sleep on. Who was it? I’ve no idea, but I’m very grateful.

Who was the first person to wear a ‘little black dress’? Who was the first to pierce their ears or wear lipstick? Who did the first ever gleeful dance on the spot? Who first tickled who with a feather?

Many answers lie hidden away in ancient cultures, no doubt.  But I’m still fascinated.

What ‘firsts’ fascinate you?

6 thoughts on “first of all…

  1. Fran Hill (@beingFran) says:

    I often use ‘firsts’ as a way into creative writing, either at school or if I’m teaching adults. We make a list of ‘firsts’ that everyone goes through (first kiss, first pocket money, first time away from home …) then people pick one to write about. It’s a good way into autobiographical writing and these ‘rites of passage’ are so fascinating.


  2. Through Another Lens says:

    Who told the first ever joke and thus had the first ever experience of humour?
    Who was the first person to cut their nails and what happened before that? Did nails just grow to ridiculous lengths…?
    Was about to ask who uttered the first ever human word ever…but am guessing that would be Adam! Wonder what that sounded like to God, what God felt when he first heard Adam, His unique creation, speak his first word? Was it anything like the first time a mother/father hears their child ‘speak’? Was it anything like the Father listening to the very first word from His Son after the resurrection. The very first word of Jesus after experiencing death.
    I feel a blog coming on…
    Great article 🙂


  3. conradgempf says:

    It’s whipped cream that fascinates me… Who the heck thought it was a good idea to beat milk and beat it and beat it? And then, after they did it and got whipped cream, how long did they go on beating water and orange juice and every other liquid trying to see if it would do anything similar?


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