REVIEW: Jesus – a theography by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola

This is, the subtitle claims, a theography. A biography of God, you might say – more specifically, God the Son. This is the story of Jesus Christ, and yet the book does not begin at Bethlehem but way back into the never-begun beginning of the triune heart of God (my phrase, not the authors’!)

This is an absorbing book that takes time to read (and I confess I have not finished it yet!). The authors’ trace Jesus through scripture, both Old Testament and New.  Some of their interpretations are challenging and may cause disagreement, some are real eye-openers – heart burners, the stories the disciples on the road to Emmaus must have experienced when an incognito Jesus talked them through the Scriptures.

Having studied theology, I’m familiar with the principle of taking things in context.  I have, in the past, been challenged to take off my ‘New Testament’ specs while reading the Old Testament.  This book challenges me to put them back on – and it’s been at times uncomfortable, like going against a habit I’ve taught myself to practise. But I remind myself – if Jesus is as important as I claim he is, then it is not strange that he should be vibrantly present in the Old Testament. And I’m left gasping at the beauty of the triune God.

A rich and rewarding read; I recommend it.

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