launching for Lent – a new Kindle collection

Here’s a surprise for you – I’ve published a new collection of poems and prayers, currently only on Kindle for the special introductory price of 99p!

Out of Darkness
I’ve not made a huge fanfare about it because, unlike my other anthologies, I’m not raising money with it, simply sharing a journey. It’s a journey from darkness to resurrection – and thus particularly appropriate for Lent.

I’d been thinking of releasing a seasonal anthology for some time, initially contemplating a resource of liturgies and prayers.  This has not been fully possible owing to time and energy constraints, but Out of Darkness contains poems and prayers that progress from a place of darkness to a place of resurrection.

This is a subtle progression rather than heavily prescriptive – pulling poems from various points in life where things have been a struggle and then leading towards a sense of God in the dark with me.  Eventually, light breaks and the collection ends with a reflection on the resurrection of Jesus and what this means for us.

So, although not 40 poems, it does have a certain Lenten appeal – but not exclusively so.  Owing to the nature of it, it is probably rougher around the edges than Fragile World. But hopefully, it can still be a worthwhile read.

Check it out here:


I would love to make this available as a paperback eventually but life is not allowing that at the moment! I had intended that Out of Darkness should be the name of my next fundraising anthology (see here), but this has taken its own shape and will now be called Beautiful.  Profits from my other anthologies will go towards the production of Beautiful, which I plan to release both on Kindle and in paperback.

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