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Case O' GunsI don’t tend to comment on current affairs much on this blog, but I’m increasingly distressed by the issue of gun control in America.

I read this article this morning on the promotion of guns and shooting to children, to keep up interest in the sport.  There is no doubt that there is a marketing, money-driven interest here.

In an interview, Mr. Sanetti said the youth-centered research was driven by the inevitable “tension” the industry faces, given that no one under 18 can buy a rifle or a shotgun from a licensed dealer or even possess a handgun under most circumstances. That means looking for creative and appropriate ways to introduce children to shooting sports….Gun companies have spent millions of dollars to put their recruitment strategies into action, either directly or through the shooting sports foundation and other organizations.

I read so much about the right to bear arms, to ‘protect one’s family’, to be ready to rise up against a corrupt government and fight against tyranny, even to introduce armed guards in schools to prevent further tragedy rather than control the availability of guns themselves. And this sense of promoting guns to young children to keep the firearms industry going in the future smacks of self-interest and money making.

I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs, but I just want to weep. I don’t understand those who do not want tighter control on weaponry. I don’t get it.  How can you not want to be sensible, to be responsible, where something has such awful potential?

And, on a wider level, if we focus on what we see as our ‘rights’ and never consider our responsibilities, society will only become more and more selfish.

6 thoughts on “shoot me now

  1. angalmond says:

    I listened to a fascinating piece about gun control in Europe on radio 4 last week. When I track it down, I will send you the link.
    Like you, I want to weep – especially when people are worried about ‘the demise of the gun industry’ [their ancestors probably fought against abolition]


  2. Through Another Lens says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I’ve followed the gun control debate with sadness and horror. I have tried to put myself into the position of a US citizen living in a violent society, tried to ‘think’ from their point of view. I’ve come to various conclusions but one undeniable one is that alot of Christians who are totally pro-guns seem to have exalted the supposed ‘right to bear arms’ above any other right, including the right to life. I read an article which said that some shops were selling kids school backpacks with bulletproof lining. I do actually understand that parents think this could save a child’s life but what message does it send – go to school, go to a war zone?

    Good article, thank you 🙂


  3. Trent X. Pearson says:

    Again, I awake to news of an inexplicable mass shooting , people gunned down in the most mundane of places, this time a movie theater. Again, I read the same worn arguments from anti-gun control folk, who insist that a legally armed citizen might have stopped alleged gunman James Holmes before he killed a dozen people. Again, I wonder if this time the ready availability of firearms in our country will become a topic of thoughtful discussion rather than a mere blip in the news cycle. And again, I wonder why Christians aren’t bringing the same dedication to talking about guns as we do to other issues, notably abortion and homosexuality.


    • Lucy Mills says:

      Thanks, Trent. Very well said. My apologies for the delay in publishing this comment – WordPress is generally good at knowing what’s spam and what isn’t, but it was a little overenthusiastic here!


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