shifting seasons

Today is the last day of January, if you hadn’t already noticed. I am already feeling brighter.

January is my recovery/hibernation/general ‘bleah’ month. Farewell January – please don’t come again until next year.

At the beginning of this year I decided not to think ‘new year’ thoughts until the beginning of March. Things feel far more doable when spring arrives.

And it is coming – STOP PRESS – the last two days I’ve been able to hang washing out on the line, and it has actually dried instead of getting chilly as well as wet (I find this absurdly exciting). The snowdrops have broken through the crusty earth in the garden.

Spring – even the merest hint of it – brings a sense of potential.

Take a deep breath – can you feel it? Hope, sneaking through the cape of winter and tickling you with thoughts of spring.

4 thoughts on “shifting seasons

  1. Joy Lenton says:

    Good to see you the swing of things, Lucy. Hibernating feels natural in January. The sight of snowdrops and daffodil stems.pushing their hopeful.noses out of the earth invites us to believe for better days to come. May Spring find you equally renewed with life and vigour! 🙂


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