top 20 posts in 2012 ?

These were the most visited posts on Looking Deeper in 2012…do you have any favourite posts you think would be better suited for this list?


  1. tips for supporting an ME sufferer #ME #cfs
  2. whose fruit is it anyway?
  3. GIVEAWAY: Cross Roads by Wm Paul Young
  4. flame of divine love
  5. Taboos in Christian fiction?
  6. and this is grace
  7. it’s never been about leading: REVIEW of I am a Follower by Leonard Sweet
  8. motivation and promotion?
  9. the sexualisation of the sacred?
  10. NaNoEdMo?
  11. pomp and priesthood?
  12. where do I place my hope?
  13. a magnetic attraction…
  14. Book Review: the UBS Greek New Testament Reader’s Edition with Textual Notes
  15. the ideal blog post?!
  16. taking the ‘no’ out of NaNoWriMo?
  17. wearing the editor’s hat
  18. Book Review: Job 38-42 by David Clines (WBC 18B)
  19. What? You mean you weren’t inspired to write this?!
  20. ANNOUNCEMENT: Fragile World is now available on Kindle!

Comments welcome!

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