GIVEAWAY: Cross Roads by Wm Paul Young

Blog readers may recall that when I announced the release of Croos Roads, and then reviewed it, I hinted at the possibility of a giveaway.  Well – the giveaway is here!

I have five signed copies of Cross Roads by Wm Paul Young to give away.  All you need to do is leave a comment on this post by 27th December 2012 and you could win yourself your own copy – signed by the author.  So, what are you waiting for?

Please note:

  • Giveaway is open to UK entrants only.
  • Five winners will be picked at random, and no quibbling allowed over the winners!
  • Comments must be made on this blog post, not Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Originally I had hoped to feature a Q&A with the author as part of this post. Sadly, this has not been possible, however please check out this post, which does feature an interview. 


65 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Cross Roads by Wm Paul Young

  1. I read The Shack, and although some of the writing made me cringe a bit, the story really got me thinking and brought God very close somehow. I was also fascinated to read of the author’s early life. I would love to read Cross Roads too.

  2. Yes please Lucy – I would very much like to read it. I enjoyed The Shack. Hopefully this will be just as thought provoking.

  3. Oh yes please! I found The Shack quite mind blowing, and would just love to read this. I sometimes forgot that The Shack was actually a novel, and some of the ideas in it certainly really made me re-evaluate things. Thank you for offering this giveaway, I’d love a copy please!!

  4. Haven’t read the Shack but may try and get a copy. Would love a free copy of Cross Roads. Thanks for the chance to get a signed book!

  5. Listened with fascination to the interview with the author on Good Morning Sunday about his early life (grew up in Papua New Guinea) and how he wrote ‘The Shack’ as a way of sharing his ideas with his family rather than thinking of it as a book, really enjoyed The Shack, would love to read this.

  6. Dear Lucy

    Would you please add me into the draw/giveaway for Cross Roads by Wm Paul Young?

    Thank you in advance.

    Merry Christmas to yo and yours.

    Kind Regards
    June Armstrong

  7. Have read the Shack twice, loving it even more the 2nd time! In conversation, if relevant, I do recommend it to others as I hope it brings a sense of peace and healing to the reader as it did me. Would love Cross Roads to add to my bookshelf. Thank you for the chance!

  8. I read the shack several times and got different things out of it each time. it was agood discussion starter with all sorts of people. Interested to see what this one is about.

  9. please can you add me to your list for the give-away. I am teetering between loving and not the Shack – bit s of it i found stunning and other bits if i’m honest were just a bit predictatble if i’m honest (sorry) so I would love a chance to read this and give it a great review.

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