finding that which energises us…

This morning I woke thinking – oh, doesn’t it all feel so much more manageable after a night’s sleep? Even if you’re like me and have complicated and often tiring dreams!

At the end of yesterday evening I felt tired, disillusioned and overwhelmed by various bits and pieces of life.  So the morning came with relief.

I had a remedial massage for my neck and shoulders this morning – much needed! – but afterwards felt tired and cold so decided to get a coffee before going to the bus stop.  Sitting sipping my Americano, I thought I may as well make a list of the things I needed to do that were a) bothering me and b) that I kept forgetting.  Seeing them listed in bullet points (preceded by scribbled stars) made it feel more workable.

But I hadn’t finished my coffee, and there was no point going to stand at the bus stop too long before the bus was due and getting cold all over again.  So I casually wrote down an idea for a blog post.  Then I frowned at it, realising it was more than a blog post – it was an article. (Sorry to deny my blog readers!!) So I sketched out my basic thoughts and let my mind do its churning thing where a topic grows wings and starts to fly.  I engaged in the process of writing. Then I swigged down the last of my coffee and trotted down the hill to the bus stop.

And I felt…content. A wave of happiness rolled over me – in that one act of writing – an idea forming, the words flowing, the potential brewing – I had been energised.  Yes it was another thing to do.  But it was an energising thing.  My thing. We all need, I think, to find that which energises us to offset the rest.  Because once I’d done that, everything else seemed much more manageable, and I went home, wrote a load of emails, ticked off my bullet points and relaxed.

That one act of creating – of starting a work of writing – unclogged my mind and released my spirit, if that doesn’t sound too sentimental.

I realise I need to make time for that which energises me.

It may not be on my to do list.  But it will make everything so much more doable.


6 thoughts on “finding that which energises us…

      1. Of course, that may not be a helpful comment for an ME sufferer, I should know. Smack my hand. There are times in life where I’ve struggled to find anything that gives me any kind of energy. They’re yukky.

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