switching soundtracks #repost

Originally Posted on December 1, 2010

How do we begin to re-orientate ourselves towards God? Perhaps a little dilution is in order – introducing God-words in our lives to dilute world-words. This could be anything – anything that makes us think about God, encourages us to reflect on what it means to follow him. It may simply be changing our background music – think how a soundtrack on a film sets the tone for the moment.

What makes you think about God? What has always helped you in your journey? It may bear no obvious significance for somebody else, but that doesn’t matter. We all have our own ways of learning, processing and remembering.

Sometimes we attempt so much of U-turn that we collapse. You can get up at 5am and have a 2 hour “Quiet Time” if that works for you, but for some of us the initial re-training of our thoughts needs to be more gentle. Instead of cluttering my life with trivia and worry, I want to choose to clutter it with reminders of God. To trigger a different train of thought. To switch soundtracks.

To work on my desire to know God – or least my desire to desire. If I can no longer re-capture the longing, I can at least feel the absence of it. That sense of absence is my starting point.

And I want to fill it with reminders of God until the longing itself reawakens, creating space for the Holy Spirit of God to be heard.

Advent makes us look for God in all those places we have, until now, ignored.” – Joan Chittister

Come, Lord Jesus.

3 thoughts on “switching soundtracks #repost

  1. Rosalie Squires says:

    A couple of years ago I was in a really bad office situation and found that having pictures on my desk that corresponded to the Benedictine hours of the day helped.I had them on the back of an old calendar so they could easily be changed every couple of hours or so. They weren’t ‘religious’ pictures to anyone else’s way of thinking but served as a reminder to me of God’s presence with me. One was a close up of a daffodil that had once had significance in my prayer life. Another was a view from a holiday cottage that represented expanding horizons.


  2. Joy Lenton says:

    Such a needful reflection. To re-programme our negativity and worldliness with the positivity, life -affirming, renewal-oriented and spirit-enhancing goodness of His word and see the changes come little by little is a worthy goal indeed. Whatever aids us in that process is to be welcomed and embraced – different as that may look for each one of us.
    I never fail to be stirred into a deeper desire to draw close to the Lord than when listening to my favourite Praise and Worship music. Thanks, Lucy. You never fail to make us think! 🙂


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