December days

Feeling very foggy headed today.  It was such a relief to emerge from November – I finished my NaNo novel on November 29th – a good thing, as I had nothing left in me on the 30th.

I enjoyed myself in the evening of the 30th, helping one of my dearest friends decorate the Santa’s Grotto at church.








On the 1st December we held our Christmas Fayre – hence the grotto – I stayed for the morning and then came home for lunch, after which I decorated our own Christmas tree. It’s quite early for us to have all our decorations up – but I decided I needed the sparkle to start as soon as possible after such a hectic November.  So I’m giving myself a very domestic month – that’s not to say I won’t write/edit/email as necessary, but I am trying to consciously slow down for December and allow myself some time to regroup. It also allows me to appreciate the quiet anticipation of Advent – usually it flies by before I’ve had time to nurture any kind of ‘holy waiting’.

On an unrelated note, and re-reading this entry, I’m always amused by how the style of what I’m currently reading influences my writing style.  On my Kindle I’m engrossed in Wilkie Collins’ the Woman in White, and I find myself writing in a much more ‘old-fashioned’ style because of it – like a proper diary entry rather than the bite-size style of the now! Or maybe I’m imagining it?

7 thoughts on “December days

  1. Helen Murray says:

    I love that it’s snowing on your blog.
    I love that you wrote a novel in a month.
    I love your Santa’s Grotto and your sparkly Christmas tree.
    I love The Woman in White and I can’t wait until you read some sonnets…
    Have a laid back Advent; sounds like you deserve a rest.


  2. Joy Lenton says:

    Good to see you back to blogging, Lucy. It seems God is also asking me to “Be still” in this Advent season when my mind scurries frantically like a rat in a cage, leaving me drained of any energy or peace. Sometimes it is harder relying on others to do the practical tasks around Christmas – even though my OH draws the line at cards andgifts!
    Yet God is helping me focus on just one thing at a time and reminding me to keep space and time for Him as an essential element for rest, peace and joy.
    I’m not surprised you’ve decorated early as we need external reminders too of what we are celebrating. Enjoy the tree, lights, carols, food, fellowship and friends. Above all – enjoy knowing The One at the centre of it all. Blessings to you and yours 🙂 xx


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