ACW letter writing #competition – deadline approaching!

English: Post Office letter box, Essex, UKIs the art of letter writing dead?

Those of you keeping up with the many strands of my life (I have trouble with that, myself) will know that I am now Competitions Manager of the committee of the UK’s  Association of Christian Writers – also known as ACW.

For those of you who like to keep an eye open for competitions, I should say we do have members-only competitions, but also run competitions that are open to non-members.

One competition that has been running all year is now hurtling towards its deadline – and that is a letter writing competition.  It occurred to me that some of my blog readers may well be avid letter writers, so why not share it here?

Do you still believe in the art of letter writing?

So…if you’ve had a few letters published this year – you may want to check this out:

Dear Sir, and Yours Faithfully…

ACW’s UK letter writing competition is for the best letters published in any national, regional or local magazine or newspaper during 2012.

There are two categories. The first (with one prize of £50) is for the best letter published. The second category is for six different letters published in six different publications. The first prize for this category is £100 and there are runner-up prizes of £50 and £25.

A one-off entry fee of £6 covers any number of letters up to six. Entries of fewer than six letters will be eligible for the ‘best single letter’ only, while entries of six letters will be eligible for both categories.

Letters may be on any subject and any length.

The competition will close on 31 December 2012. To enter send a cheque made payable to The Association of Christian Writers, to PO Box 551, Hounslow, TW3 9NX. Send your letters as hard copy to this address, or as an email attachment  to

Give dates and details of the publications in which they have been printed. Include a separate cover sheet giving your name and contact details. Do not put any identifying marks on the actual entries. Winning entrants will be contacted and asked to supply photocopies/scanned copies as verification of publication.

All letters will be judged on their content and style and not on the basis of the publication to which they have been sent. However in the event of a tie the publication may be taken into account as a tie-breaker.

The final winners will be chosen by the editor of a national publication.

So…if you’ve had letters published during 2012, why not enter? You never know!

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