a magnetic attraction…

I’m gearing up for the commissioning stage of Magnet issue 101. This will be the summer/harvest issue for 2013. Issue 99, A Place of Safety, has just been published and looks excellent. The editors responsible for the issue did a great job.

Dave Hopwood mentions one of the articles in a recent blog post and Jill Baker over at Methodist Women in Britain also showcases the edition here.

How does it work?

Magnet operates with a team of editors, who each have opportunities to take responsibility  with another team member, for an issue. When we’re not assigned to an issue, we give feedback to those who are – and help chase down commissioned pieces, each given responsibility for particular articles.

I will be speaking with the lead editor of M101 tomorrow to gather our proposals ready to present to the rest of the team. Typically one of the pair is assigned the ‘lead’ role, but the lines are often blurry. None more so than with M98, on the theme of Just money – not something I consider myself particularly adept with…!

Issue 98 was the first issue I was assigned to, and I was really flung in the deep end.  But thankfully I discovered I could swim – and I loved it.

What’s it like?

I had the pleasure of writing the worship material for M99. Magnet typically has staple items alongside general and themed articles – Worship, Bible Study, Prayer Focus, Talking Justice and Bible Study pages. It also has meditation pages with images and words to aid reflection. In this way, Magnet truly is a resourcing magazine, and therein lies its strength and its individuality.  It’s colourful, creative and thoughtful.

Who are we?

Magnet was originally the magazine of the Methodist Women’s Network but became independent in 2009, when it grew into an ecumenical magazine aimed at both women and men. The editorial team come from a variety of church backgrounds – at the moment I am the only Baptist!

This year Magnet has come under the wing of Hymns Ancient and Modern – publisher of the Church Times, Third Way and others. We are excited about what the future will bring…

A taster for you in what it’s like being a Magnet editor!

Anything else you want to know?


Magnet facebook page is here

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