did you miss me?

Probably not!  

I’m back from a two week break catching up with family – good to see loved ones and get a bit of space for soul-stretching!  Nothing like beautiful countryside, rugged coastlines and wild moors to make me feel like myself again – as if my spirit just needed that extra bit of space. (This is where you roll your eyes at my ‘poetrical’* side.)

So I’m currently trying to get my head round things that need doing, events coming up, items to remember.  I’ve drawn up a chart (a to-do list wouldn’t cut it) so I can make lists under categories of things I’m involved with, so far: writing, Magnet, ACW, Church, Personal and Other. (Everyone needs an “other” – not everything can be classified.  Oh, and it denies housework its own category, which is less depressing!)

Hmmm…should there be a blogging category?!


*Poetrical – like poetical, but a bit theatrical, too.  – from Lucy’s dictionary, authorised version

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6 thoughts on “did you miss me?

  1. Rosalie Squires says:

    Hi Lucy
    I think you’ve solved a mystery for me -‘ make me feel like myself again – as if my spirit just needed that extra bit of space. ‘
    I’ve been puzzling why I felt the exact opposite when I went away for a couple of weeks earlier in the year – where does the inner me go when I go on holiday? that was the question I was asking. It was a relaxing and enjoyable time physically and mentally but …
    Maybe my spirit needs more space than that time allowed it. And I certainly wasn’t myself. The part of me that was there had a wonderful time but I came home and had to put myself back together.
    Thanks for the enlightenment.


    • Lucy Mills says:

      Well – I’m glad if I helped, though it wasn’t intentional! Isn’t it remarkable that a phrase uttered so casually by one person can strike another so deeply? God can infuse meaning into the most random of thoughts…


  2. Joy Lenton says:

    The answer is “Yes we did”! I’ve been wondering if the writing was consuming all your time and energy. Welcome back! Pleased to hear you’re refreshed after your break. Perhaps you could consider compiling “Lucy’s Alternative Dictionary’one day? Might be a bestseller. But don’t let me add to the ‘To do’ list! 🙂


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