somewhere else

when I am here,
I am somewhere else –
away from the hurly-burly
of my brain,
that muddled murmuring
of my mind
focusing merely
on the tangible – the soil stained
fingers pulling and tugging
until the interloper
finally comes loose

when I am here,
I am somewhere else –
away from the to-do lists,
yesterday’s phone call,
or even grand philosophies
on the meaning of life,
all fading into the delightfully simple
act of scooping dirt,
the sound of secateurs snapping,
each pruned branch landing
in the hush of my mind

when I am here,
I am somewhere else –
away from the rowdy demands
of the every day
the continuous recalling,
planning, even dreaming,
absorbed by the leaf matter
crumbling in my hands,
pulling the earth closer –
the soft organic touch
in a metallic world

when I am here,
I am somewhere else

(C) Lucy Mills

7 thoughts on “somewhere else

  1. chasingtheperfectmoment says:

    I was gardening his weekend and felt so much apart of the beautiful earth beneath me, my spirit singing, that the rest of the world could have fallen away and I would not have noticed. Your precious and beautiful words brought this back to mind so clearly. I was somewhere else. Thank you for sharing your words so beautifully.


  2. Jane Chelliah says:

    What a beautiful poem. I think the only time I am ‘somewhere else’ is when I am watching a movie. It’s not quite the same as doing something in a peaceful and solitary manner to take one away.


  3. Rosalie Squires says:

    As those ubiquitous garden plaques say, ‘You are nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.’ Rather trite, perhaps, but with a certain amount of truth behind it.
    We are spiritual beings; our spirits belonging to heaven even whilst our bodies anchor us to earth and somehow turning our attention to the one also heightens our awareness of the other.
    Most the time we live in the world of the mind, attuned to neither of these realities.


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