top ten posts in September 2012

I’m not sure how much point there is in doing this – September was not a good blogging month for me!  What with going away for my birthday, a church weekend, various deadlines, a meeting in London, two days spent clearing out our pond as well as general lack of motivation – my posts were rather sporadic.  However, the list below shows the posts that were visited most in September – even if many of them weren’t actually September posts!

  1. flame of divine love
  2. top ten posts in August – with honourable mentions
  3. that odd sensation
  4. tangents in paradise (#digidisciple repost)
  5. the careless freedom of words
  6. when friendship hurts
  7. thoughts on friendship
  8. a song of many parts
  9. a prayer
  10. a spoonful of inspiration

Why not give me some inspiration – are any there any topics you’d like to see me write about? Questions you want to ask me?  Do leave a comment below – although I’m not committing myself, you understand!

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