the careless freedom of words

I wrote the following over a decade ago…but am still trying to reach the point of “saying what no one else could”…


trying to chart a labyrinth
with rattling words
and futile rhyme I wait
like a mime artist
clawing the air
clutching for a new way
to articulate my stampede
into the careless freedom
of words

when they are inadequate.
I only sound foolish
scrabbling in the dust
for a gemstone
finding only coloured
glass lying there
dead but sharp
and the abrasive nature
of my discovery
only repels my intent.

from what I say
you could assume that
I am enamoured by the trivial
but I search among the trivialities
for a breath of meaning
forgetting my cheap imitations
of masterpiece
and hoping one day
to match the skill
of simply saying
what no one else could.

4 thoughts on “the careless freedom of words

  1. Rosalie Squires says:

    Lucy, this so resonates with my own thoughts. Perhaps I don’t have the patience of your mime artist, though, and many futile words find their way to the paper of the screen. But the advantage of written words over spoken is that they can be stopped before they do any damage
    .Perhaps the world would be a kinder place if we all learned to edit our thoughts before speaking the way we edit our writing before publishing.


    • Lucy Mills says:

      Yes – we all need an internal editor! Perhaps the Holy Spirit could take on that role if we ask him to – our counsellor in speech as in everything else!

      Oh, and many futile words spool out of me, too….


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