tangents in paradise (#digidisciple repost)

This post originally appeared at www.bigbible.org.uk, on the theme of digiparadise…

On being baffled

When I first came across the theme idea ‘what is digiparadise?’ from a direct message on Twitter, I was slightly baffled. You tell me, I thought.  Then I read the post about themes, and understood a little better. Then I read Emma’s post on Greenbelt, and understood some more.

Even so, it feels a little like coming in late to a conversation and trying to play catchup.  You know what I mean? In situations like that, you come up with a whole string of theories as to what people are talking (or tweeting) about.

Aside from huh?, I then wondered if this was something to do with the intermediate state. You know, that bit between dying and the resurrection – all that jazz. What Jesus actually said to the thief on the cross would be better translated as  ‘Today you will be with me in digi paradise.’ We all get our own digital code and surf around as megabytes or pixels until our new bodies are ready.

Maybe not.

Tangent time

But this not-entirely-serious theory led me onto a tangent. I’m good at these. I warn you – I can take you on such a tangent that you’ll have trouble working out where the conversation started. I certainly won’t be able to tell you.

Er.  Where was I?  Oh, yes – the tangent (see I even go on tangents about tangents – true talent).

On considering ‘paradise’ I started thinking about the whole new heavens, new earth thing. And I know – life in all its fullness starts now, and I’m not one of those who confine eternal life to then, not now.

But that’s where my mind went. I recalled reading somewhere the suggestion that we’d still have our technological advances on the New Earth. I confess, it weirded me out a little. Washing machines – on the New Earth? Will we have clothes? If so, won’t they remain – well, clean for all eternity? And cars? Computers? Then the whole digital kit and caboodle?  Will we have all the same ‘stuff’ but the final, extended, uber-holy version which will never need updating?

What are your expectations of the world to come?

Take a moment and think about your ideas of this future reality – this remade earth, this re-created extravaganza. Do we buy into an idea of a purely arable world – with no technology, no digital mediums? Do we relish the idea of not having all our gadgets? What place will gadgets have in the paradise that is still to come?

I don’t have an answer. It rather does my head in, if I’m honest.

And I know, this isn’t actually what you were talking about when I walked into the conversation…but hey, never mind.

5 thoughts on “tangents in paradise (#digidisciple repost)

  1. angalmond says:

    I have no idea. I DO believe that we are made in the image of a creator God, and our gifts [now] of creativity come from Him. But THEN I have no idea how it will work out – especially with the physicists and techno geeks in my family who create amazing technological stuff…I just know heaven is going to be even more exciting than I can possibly imagine, and that is a thrilling thought! I suspect we will sing fabulously, WITHOUT autotune though!


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