Does ME have me? #me #cfs

The lovely Joy over at Words of Joy has written this post and given me permission to share this poem here:


Do I have ME
or does it have me?

Snaking tendrils of pain
coil through nerves, muscles, sinews
joints and every fibre of being,
leaching energy from each cell,
until I am left wrung-out
like a discarded dishcloth.

Fiery darts attack at random,
invading, crippling, agonising –
Everything hurts.

Foggy clouds encircle the brain,
obscuring clarity
of thought and purpose.

Living in a limbo-land,
a living-death of exhaustion,
pain and weakness,
as normal life passes by –
too bright, too fast, too alive
for me to join in with any ease.

Then a voice calls to me
in my dopey, yet sleep-elusive state;
A Voice of Love, of Calm, of Peace.

It is my Lord, reminding me
that I am His and He is mine
through every circumstance of life
and transcending them all.

Yes, I have ME –
but it doesn’t have me –
God does;
so I am safe
in His arms.

(c) Joy Lenton

Twitter: @wordsofjoy75

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