the weight of a broken world

GOD’S PEOPLE THROUGH THE AGES have demonstrated how much we are broken.  Constantly getting it wrong, falling on our faces, trying to rely on ourselves and not the God we claim to follow – and yet God does not abandon us. We can feel our path in life is not a very significant one, and worry that our weaknesses will always haunt us. We can feel distressed by our lack or our loss of potential, feeling that opportunities have passed us by – but what others (or we ourselves) consider our value, or our talents, or our potential is neither here nor there.

We have worth because God gives it to us. Our value is non-negotiable. We can feel like we are in a hundred tiny pieces, but God’s love is undiminished. We can feel hemmed in by circumstance or branded by the past, but God is not foiled by our limitations, and sees through all the labels that we feel we wear. We can feel utterly without purpose, but God has other ideas. In spite of how we feel about ourselves, in God’s eyes we have worth; we have use; we have potential for whatever he calls us to do.

Back to the antique shows. Lights, camera, action. People whoop or gasp in delight when something is valued beyond their expectation.  We all like watching these unexpected treasures unveiled, bracing ourselves for the possibilities. It’s worth that much? And sometimes, when we do not see the object as anything special, the actual value completely astonishes us.

Cut to a cross in the dark on a hill. To God’s son given up, delivered to death. To an eternal heart crushed with the weight of a broken world. That’s what God says we’re worth.

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3 thoughts on “the weight of a broken world

  1. Rosalie Squires says:

    Thanks, Lucy. This reminds me of an occasion a few years ago when I felt really down over being undervalued where I worked. God said to me in a very personal way, What does it matter what they think of you when I cared enough to die for you?


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