a history with the broken

GOD HAS A HISTORY WITH THE BROKEN. Right from the beginning, when he first called Abraham, he chose very unlikely candidates. Abraham’s descendents were to be as countless as the stars, as numerous as the grains of sand. But Sarah, his wife, was barren. This is made clear from the start. But God chooses this childless couple, with no family prospects, to be his chosen people – them and their descendants. He is not fazed by Sarah’s broken womb.

 All the ‘heroes’ of faith that we read about in the bible have their fractures and scars – some of them very noticeable indeed. But God makes a point of giving his strength to the weak, of showing his glory through unlikely candidates. David, broken by sin, discovers the depths of God’s forgiveness. Naomi, broken by grief, counsels her daughter in law, Ruth and finds joy. Gideon, the weakest and the least of his clan, demonstrates that God specialises in giving his strength to the weak. He shines out through their cracks and points us to him.

It’s something of a relief to know that on the days I feel like I’m ‘cracking up’, it doesn’t change God’s love for me! However flimsy we feel, his love is disproportionate. It’s not just about the chips and cracks but the blackened parts of us – things we want no one to see. Nothing escapes God’s magnifying glass. And nothing changes his love for us. No matter how many pieces we find ourselves in, God never throws us away. Instead, with infinite love, he can put us back together again. And the cracks become part of our beauty in his eyes.

(to be continued)

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