Woohoo! Drool!

Not something I thought I’d ever use as a blog title, but there we are.

Plus, I’m not a drool fan. Slobber? Slimy, blobby stuff? Hmmm…no.

BUT this morning, I was elated to find some drool. I’d been waiting for this drool for some time.

And before you ask, no – I’m not drooling personally.  And before you ask again, no – neither is my husband. Or the goldfish.

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a long time may remember that back in 2009, we had some special garden visitors, a hedgehog family that took up residence unexpectedly in our hedgehog house (ahhh…now you’re beginning to understand). We think there must have been a family in residence before we even knew about it – by the time I’d twigged we had them, the babies had grown into mini adults. I recall a lovely moment sitting outside in the dark watching one hedgehog forage while another came  close to my foot! (That’s why I think it was a family – hedgehogs are generally solitary creatures.)

The next year, our neighbours got a dog, and the hedgehogs weren’t to be seen. But (I don’t know why) the dog is no longer present, and I thought I’d try putting out a dish of food, just in case. I choose the veggie option so as not to attract the cats – we already have one cat who comes into our garden and eyes up the birds, so I didn’t want to make it even more attractive.

This morning, for the first time, amid the crushed up peanuts and sunflower hearts, was slimy, lumpy drool.  And bits of food in the bottom of the water dish next to it – where something had taken a post-supper drink. I recognised the drool from my former experience and elated, ran into the house to announce its presence.

Woohoo! Drool!


Hedgehogs are popular. One of our 2009 hedgehogs had an appearance in Gardeners’ World magazine:

And also made it into Do Crafts magazine as part of a scrapbook page! (And I made that little hedgehog in the right hand corner – cute, eh?)









See 2009 posts:

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