out of the comfort zone?

Busy morning today experiencing new things.  Went with my lovely friend B to Aquacise, where we sploshed and jumped and pumped.  Planning to go next week – about time I did something to tackle my taut muscles. After this I went to a kid’s lunch club at a church on a nearby estate – it’s for kids who rely on school dinners in term time but don’t really get enough food once the holidays arrive.

I’d made friends with a couple of the girls at our holiday club, one of them is the girl I mention in this post, whom I’ll call T, and her friend M. They were pleased to see me, and T insisted on moving chairs to sit next to me, and I had to eat her crusts, which she seemed to enjoy, because we were ‘sharing lunch’. I wasn’t allowed simply to throw them away(!!)

We did some colouring – me too, of course; they helped me choose which colours to use – and played parachute games. More arm exercise for me with lots of flapping!!

I couldn’t help remarking to Andy when I returned how much I’ve changed. Although my kind friend R (also Andy’s fellow minister) came down and introduced me, she went off quite quickly. This was no problem at all for me, but a few years ago I’d have been self-conscious, feeling silly and not sure how to act with the kids. Now I was completely relaxed, and not in the slightest bit anxious. In a way children’s work has always been ‘out of my comfort zone’, but I’m feeling more and more comfortable with it – something I’d not anticipated.  I’m also aware of how much my confidence has increased in general.

Slightly crispier than intended but looking good all the same!

Caught the bus home – downpour held off until I’d reached bus shelter, and kindly relented when I stepped of the bus at the other end (immediately started bucketing down once I’d got to front door). Wound down by watching Beth Tweddle win bronze on the uneven bars and then made homemade and homegrown blueberry muffins. Homegrown blueberries, that is; I didn’t grind my own flour.

Tired but feeling satisfied with the day. And struck by how we are all capable of change…

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