passionate faith

I’VE REALISED I CAN’T live out my faith half-heartedly. In my frequent efforts towards ‘diplomatic’ faith – steadfastly allowing others to believe their interpretation of this or that – I’ve forgotten to allow myself to believe what I believe, sometimes. This doesn’t mean I want to ditch my desire to be a peacemaker and bridgebuilder, or that I’m going to stop accepting others. It just means that sometimes I need to accept myself a little better than I do now.

I’ve realised I need to believe. Even if some may think me naive, for believing prayer works – beyond merely a benefit to myself and my relationship with God. Or slightly nutty, for thinking that there is a spiritual conflict we can’t see. Or completely baffling, that I should care more about what God wants and who he is than who others would prefer him to be. I’m not saying I want to bash people over the head with it. I’m just saying that in my quest to be gentle and respectful I have forgotten to nurture my own faith, to allow myself to be the person God made me to be – a person with passionate faith. A person who believes in an interventionist God as well as a sovereign and mighty God – a person who believes that he cares and knows me. A person who believes he speaks to us – and to me – through the bible. A person who believes that some things are pleasing to God and some aren’t – and I honestly want to know which is which, beyond my own opinion on the matter.

I want to reclaim my passionate faith, which is so intrinsic to who I am.

In other news, the sun came out today.

4 thoughts on “passionate faith

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Lucy! I want to rekindle my passionate faith too! Too often we water down things to fit in with what others believe…but being true to what we believe is important!

    Thanks for sharing your faith kiddo!

    Have a Lovely Lord’s Day!
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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