double sided, anyone?

WELL. Still fairly zinglewalloped, although trying to do some little writing tasks so as not to feel too grumpy.

I’m beginning to wonder if living with CFS/ME, or any kind of extreme tiredness, isn’t rather like being a printer with a duplexer. After a while, you have a tendency towards paper jams whenever you try and do anything double sided.


4 thoughts on “double sided, anyone?

  1. eleanor watkins says:

    Lucy, I know how you feel! Drinking green juice is my latest self-treatment. I started making and drinking it a few weeks ago and I’m cautiously beginning to feel that I do have more stamina. I started it after reading posts on FB by a lady with the interesting name of Patricia KickingMe’sButt Withveggie juices. She was very helpful when I contacted her. Have you tried green juice?


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