excessive zinglewalloping

NOW THERE’S A TITLE. Twitter followers may have noticed my recent word invention, but for those of you to whom the word is unfamiliar, you may desire a moment of definition.

To be ‘zinglewalloped’ means to be clobbered with tiredness, excessively exhausted, completely worn out.  But it’s a much more novel and interesting way of saying it. Synonyms include: shattered, frazzled, tuckered out, etc. (I suppose it could be feasible to zinglewallop someone else by causing them excessive tiredness by your actions. “She completely zinglewalloped me earlier.”)

I’ve been zinglewalloped this past week. General fatigue, extra activities, horrendous hayfever and chiefly a nasty chesty cough thing joined forces and rendered me … bleah.

Frustrating, but I’ve had to allow it and obey the need for rest and a decrease in speed. For if one is zinglewalloped and does not take time to recover from it, one may become snaffleblasted, which is never good.

7 thoughts on “excessive zinglewalloping

  1. mattcurrey says:

    Thanks for the honest as well as the new word, which unlike your significant fatigue is rather fabulous. Really sorry to hear you are so zinglewalloped. Hope you can rest and be refreshed soon


  2. Simon Marsh says:

    BLEAH, zinglewalloped, snaffleblasted. Rest, Lucy Mills. Rest girl! But me too: zinglewalloped, snaffleblasted and – after 3 great services this morning – newly arrived for ten days spectaculicious sleep on holiday in Cumbria :). Rest up friend. Our language could do with a bit more Lucy-shaped spicing up – but after you’ve rsted up a bit! Be blessed – as you are yourself a blessing 🙂


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