catching up…

Well,  I’ve come back from two weeks holiday to a rather long to-do list!  Happily the things at the top are things I enjoy and find rewarding (the other stuff, like doing the ironing, hasn’t troubled to put itself on the list yet – I wonder why).

However, I came back to find my own copy of Magnet issue 98 on my doorstop – significant because it’s the first one I’ve been heavily involved in editing!  Strange yet satisfying to see it in the flesh – or paper, should I say! I’m now knuckling down preparing worship material for issue 99, having just made all my comments on other submitted articles for the editors of that issue (Magnet has a very collaborative way of working – and I love it).

I’ve also made a few changes here, as you can see.  Not major ones – I didn’t want to give myself a headache fiddling about trying to customise everything unnecessarily. I changed the theme on WordPress, tinkered around with my preferences and purchased a domain name. Ta-da!  I’m now appearing as – alas the un-hyphenated version is no longer available. Nevertheless, a little more punchy than it was – but my WordPress address still works so no need to trouble yourself changing bookmarks etc (not that I’m assuming you’ve taken the trouble to bookmark me!).

I need to do some work on some chapters this week (more on that at some point soon) as well as other writing tasks. I have a ‘rolling’ list of ideas and opportunities I want to follow up but there is only so much time in the day!

I hope you enjoyed the re-posts that appeared here over the last two weeks – thanks for the comments and retweets!

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