ma’amite, and other stories

I have to say I pity those with a weakness for hoarding – especially when it comes to souvenirs. I wonder how many will choose to save the Jubilee themed packaging which has appeared on so many British products recently?

I don’t actually  possess a ‘Ma’amite’ jar, although I have to say that did make me chuckle.  My classy baked beans tin won’t be kept though, and although ‘Queensmill’ raised a slight smile, that’ll be chucked too.  Someone, somewhere, will probably be making a scrapbook of them!

imageNote: I won’t be online much the next two weeks – but for your enjoyment (?!) there will be an occasional scheduled post from the archives of looking deeper…


3 thoughts on “ma’amite, and other stories

  1. Nancy Wallace says:

    I confess to buying a tin of biscuits with a Union Flag on it – I won’t be keeping the tin once its empty though. On Saturday I visited a local Jubilee exhibition which had memorabilia from Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and all the coronations and special royal events since. I’ve never seen so many commemorative mugs in one church hall.


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