your child

Yesterday Andy led a service on being a child of God.  
As part of it I read this meditation, which I thought I’d share here.


Your Child

What does it mean to live as your child?
If I’m honest, I don’t think about it enough,
forgetting the astonishing privilege,
neglecting to acknowledge you in my cluttered world.
But being your child means I should demonstrate
a family likeness – reflecting you in all my doings,
my comings and my goings.

In an auditorium, I am your child.
Behind closed doors, in the private places of my world,
I am your child.
In front of family and friends, I am your child.
In the presence of strangers and those whom I do not understand –
I am still your child.
I cannot reserve my identity in you to the parts of life
where it is most preferable, or convenient, for me.

Instead I am to shine out wherever I am,
knowing the worth you have given me
and relying on you at all times.
I am to act differently because I am your child –
in a world that frequently ignores, or even derides, you.
I do things to please you, not to earn your love,
but to show you my love.
As you love me, so I am to love others –
sharing the beauty of your kindness
with a hurting world.

Lucy Mills, June 2012

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