the ideal blog post?!

I would like to write a dazzling blog post.

Something that manages to be moving, profound, interlaced with just a touch of wit – a gentle humour, which emphasises my point while still retaining a compassionate tone.

It would be jaw dropping, comforting but discomfiting, encouraging but challenging.

It would be inclusive but not wishy-washy, understanding but not afraid to make its point.

It would be sunny in places – a warm glow spreading from the words, drawing back to make a breath-taking proposition just at the right moment. It would contain just the right amount of  italics for emphasis – and it would be clear and concise while still elegantly phrased – with absolutely no potential for misunderstanding.  It would not be boring at all.

It would guide my readers to a deeper understanding of life while, of course, being a great example of my own humility. To which I would not draw your attention.  Any images would be subtle, beautifully placed, and give full credit to the photographer without messing up the look of the page.

It would draw from its readers both laughter and tears.

It would confront their assumptions and soothe their fears.

Occasionally, it might even rhyme.

In the absence of such a post, I will finish my cup of tea, walk into the kitchen and have an argument with myself as to whether I deserve a piece of cake.

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