going viral…

…in the traditional sense.

Yes, I’ve been struck down by the lurgy this week, variety unknown, bar the fact it makes me feel pretty awful.  I feel like I’m being chewed up by some horrible creature.  Yes, I have the tendency to anthropomorphise (it comes from the same part of my imagination which has a habit of finding an analogy in everything).

In some ways it’s been a relief to discover that there’s a specific reason for the exhaustion I’ve been feeling – those who have experience of CFS/ME will know that dramatically worsening fatigue is always worrying – but none the less it is not pleasant.

Still, hopefully it won’t attack me for too long.  I hate not knowing what to do with myself…I want to distract myself from feeling ill, but feel too ill to do much.  I suppose I just have to put up with it.

What’s your favourite pastime when you’re ill?

7 thoughts on “going viral…

  1. angalmond says:

    I curl up on the sofa under a quilt – dividing my time between dozing, reading, and watching weird daytime TV [those odd freeview channels with women making greetings cards and guys restoring boats] – and every so often drinking a cup of tea or six!

    hope you feel better soon.


  2. Brian Evans says:

    I’m (almost) ashamed to say that I’m rarely ill, so can’t offer any practical suggestions. However you might smile at my recollection of illness when a boy. Once the worst had passed, and I had to stay in bed – probably until my temperature had fallen – I would busy myself with reading books, comics and anything that came to hand, then call my long-suffering mother upstairs with one thing after another to play with. By the time I was allowed downstairs again, it seemed that half the living room had migrated, and had to be brought down with me!


  3. Joy Lenton says:

    Depends on the severity of the ME/CFS symptoms. When it’s just a normal ‘feel tired, lack energy and concentration’ kind of day then I like to read, browse/shop on line, speak to a friend/family member, rest, relax, chill out, eat chocolate, drink tea, eat more chocolate etc. If it’s a serious bout of sickness then I delight in the attention of my attentive, personal slave (aka my husband) as I recline in a darkened room and try to pretend it’s not the middle of the day (and it’s really OK to still be in bed even if it is), with a good book, grapes, tea etc at hand. It can feel deliciously decadent to be waited on for a time!

    Hope you soon feel better.


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