What is it about Jesus? #digidisciple #bigread12 #repost

This post originally appeared at the Big Bible Project on Friday 9th March

As part of my #digidisciple slot this month I’m using Tom Wright’s daily reading for the BigRead2012 as a basis for my reflection.  So I’m not directly reflecting on being a digital disciple.  But I am choosing to use a different kind of media this time!  See the video below for my reflections on Mark 6:45-56 – What is it about Jesus?

5 thoughts on “What is it about Jesus? #digidisciple #bigread12 #repost

  1. Simon Marsh says:

    And I echo Lisa, Lucy. Keep writing and posting. And thanks for this “new media”. I loved it :). Have a wonderfully Happy Easter.


    • Lucy Mills says:

      Thanks Simon. You too have been a great encourager! I’ve been so swamped with editing work the last couple of weeks I have neglected blogging! This is because I am now on editorial team at Magnet magazine – have you heard of it? Occurs to me you’d probably like it – http://www.ourmagnet.co.uk

      Happy Easter!


  2. Joy Lenton says:

    Thanks again, Lucy for pointing us to the Amazingly Irresistible One Whom we cannot ignore and Who never ignores us. What is it about Jesus? All the books in the world can do no more than give us a glimpse into His Character. The Bible paints the most vivid portrait of all and yet …leaves us tantalisingly needing to know more. Only in personal relationship with Him can we even begin to fathom how wonderful He is and also how little we really understand. Until we meet Him face to face we will live with a degree of mystery even as we grow to experience and love Him in the here and now.


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