the busyness of dreaming

Does anyone else suffer from extraordinarily busy dreaming?

Last night I had such a busy dream that within the dream I just kept feeling exhausted and wanting to go home and rest.  I was at some kind of college or event somewhere on an island (?!) and the day just kept getting longer.  No one could tell me when and how I got to go home, and I just kept feeling wearier and wearier.  Some weird insight into my psyche maybe?!  Or symptomatic of CFS/ME?

In general, I have very vivid and busy dreams.  I wake up feeling tired and achy.

Not particularly helpful!




5 thoughts on “the busyness of dreaming

  1. angalmond says:

    Oh yes- we both do – and wake up exhausted from a night of being Very Busy in our dreams. Shakespeare said something about sleep ‘knitting up the ravelled sleeve of care’ – but I never do anything as relaxing as knitting in MY dreams!!

    sleep well


  2. Pigwotflies says:

    Yes, every night! Well, almost every night. In my case I think my vivid dreams are part of my ME, made worse by fluoxetine. I used to think it was just the fluoxetine, but then I came off it for almost a year and the dreams didn’t go away. They’re worse when I’m anxious about something, when they turn into nightmares. 😦


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