a quick taste of London


YESTERDAY I had an all day editorial meeting in London.  I went up on Monday and stayed overnight at a lovely retreat/conference centre tucked away in the docklands.  (It was the first time I’d stayed overnight there and I immediately took note that my little room, with its simple desk and facilities, would be a perfect place for immersion into writing.)

On arriving at Waterloo late Monday afternoon, the sun was lighting up the Thames and I couldn’t resist walking from Waterloo and over Westminster Bridge, then getting on the tube from there.

It was so warm and so bright…I didn’t have my camera with me, only my phone, which doesn’t have huge photographic abilities, but I took a few pictures anyway.  It was so bright I couldn’t see the screen – so I pointed and clicked blindly.  But it was a glistening, beautiful day that felt and smelt of summer, not March.  A lovely moment just to enjoy the city before heading to my accommodation.


The meeting went well – I found it helpful to meet with the other Magnet editors not just to get things done but to get re-motivated and re-inspired.

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