the perils of variety

Life is very varied at the moment – and very busy! I’m really enjoying all the things I’m involved in, especially my time spent working as an editor for Magnet.

However, variety does come with challenges. Yesterday I sat down and got out the draft of my book on memory on faith, working through the chapter outline and preparing my proposal. But it took me a long time simply to catch up – to remember where I was, to re-familiarise myself, to tune in.  I needed to immerse myself in that one thing in order to be able to re-establish my working rhythm.

I’m very aware I need to spend some significant time on it – not pockets here and there but consistently, so that I’m not constantly playing catch up. Hopefully there will come a point where I am able to do that!


What about you?

How do you balance longer and shorter projects?  Especially when there are other deadlines and commitments in your life?

5 thoughts on “the perils of variety

  1. TheOthers1 says:

    This is terrible, but I’m easily overwhelmed when I have too many things to do. I guess that means I’m not very good a juggling. I usually end up putting off the thing that should be done the soonest until the last minute because I get anxious. Anyway, good luck getting everything done. 🙂


    • Lucy Mills says:

      I think of it as a kind of paralysis – so much to do, can’t decide where to start, end up doing something else entirely! Wrote an article about this very problem recently!


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