This post was published on Ash Wednesday last year.  I’m re-posting it here – this time with an audio recording available.

Lord, I believe – help my unbelief.
I come with outstretched hands,
so aware of their trembling –
knowing their frailty and their
cruelty, their tenderness and
their thoughtlessness.

Awash with the awareness
of all that needs changing
within me, and asking you
to work another miracle in me,
transforming and moulding,
making me sparkle again.

Take all that is broken and
wrong; cleanse the muddy
and the murky, the feeble
and the false, and all
my unwillingness to make
an effort to change.

I turn around,
turn my face towards you.
Forgive. Restore. Renew.
Create in me a pure heart
as I follow this path, learning
to be your disciple.


8 thoughts on “outstretched…

  1. Megan @ Here to Find Him says:

    I must say I do like the audio version. I think it adds more personality to someone’s blog posts. I was just wondering, is there a way to play the recording without sending it to a different page? I would like to read along with you. Just curious. But I really did like it 🙂 And I love the post!

    Blessings in Him


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