audacious alternatives?

I’M WONDERING whether it would be a nice idea to include audio recordings of my blog posts. I appreciate that not everyone will be able to listen, so this would not be instead of text, but simply providing an alternative way of reading/hearing it.

What do you think? For those of us who suffer with eyes strain or simply prefer listening to reading, I thought it might be useful. And possibly quite fun!

On a related topic, I’ve signed up for LibriVox, which is a website where you can upload recordings of books that are in the public domain. You can volunteer to read certain books, record them yourself, then upload them to the site.  I’ll let you know when I make my first proper recording!

Audacity: Free Sound Editor and Recording SoftwareThis has meant I’ve been playing around with Audacity, and have learned a lot already about how to make  my audio recordings sound reasonable. Hence I am now in a position to record my blog posts so that you can hear them without background noise.

Let me know if you would be interested in this. I’m tempted to try it anyway because I enjoy reading aloud and I think it would be an inclusive gesture.

You may be interested to know that I am actually speaking this post and my computer is typing it for me. It’s doing quite well, although I was entertained when it substituted breeding for reading in my second paragraph!  (Go back and try saying it…!)

Proofreading is essential!

5 thoughts on “audacious alternatives?

  1. Sipech says:

    Very interesting. I was toying with the idea myself, though I was only aware of Audioboo as an easy way to upload sound files. Once uploaded, it provides you with the HTML code you can copy and paste into your blog to embed it. I’ll have to look up these alternatives.

    There are a few reservations I’d have about doing it myself. I have quite a monotone voice as well as a mild stammer, which is why I prefer to type/write. Communicating in written form cuts across prejudices that may be created by the manner of someone’s speech.

    But do try it out. Maybe video blogging too……?


    • Lucy Mills says:

      Video blogging…eek. Will have to get a little more confident to vlog!! Keep meaning to check out Audioboo, as that’s what Bex recommended for digidisciple posts at BigBible. Audacity is what LibriVox recommends as recording software and you can do a fair amount of mixing/ adjusting on it.


  2. Free2bme says:

    My goodness Lucy, you sound like you have been very busy, and having fun.

    I read so many Blogs, it would be rather nice to ‘listen’ to one or two posts.

    Thank you for the link to LibriVox, I have been gathering ‘stuff’ from the Public Domain and had never heard of that site.

    I look forward to hearing your first recording.


  3. bunnits says:

    How neat! My oldest son just got some sort of voice command typing program on his computer and is playing with sending me voice-typed emails. I believe yours is being put to much better use.


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