it’s not what you say…

…it’s how you say it.

I’m experimenting with using speech recognition for typing up articles.  I was trying to write this blog post in the same way, but apparently my netbook is feeling stressed and can’t cope with the idea of multitasking at the moment. Still, in general it’s going all right – the speech recognition software that comes with Windows 7 seems better than other free software so I’ve been trying it out.  It’s giving me a sore throat though!

Am aware have not been blogging much lately…been quite busy with this, that and the other….

2 thoughts on “it’s not what you say…

  1. Rachel says:

    If you are getting a sore throat from dictating work to the computer, it is often recommended that you sip water using a straw whilst dictating. Using a straw disrupts the microphone least.

    I’ve not tried the voice recognition software which comes with Windows 7, but if you find this is a good way of communicating for you, I’d recommend Dragon Naturally Speaking, which, whilst not free, is usually considered the best voice recognition software. It is also important to have a good microphone which is appropriately positioned in relation to your mouth.

    With best wishes

    (Needs Assessor for Disabled Students)


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