HAVE BEEN DOING a fair bit of editorial work this morning, before nipping to the shop to get supplies.  Was picking up a newspaper when a woman came in and picked up ‘Spirit and Destiny’ magazine and went straight to the horoscopes.  After reading, she gave a melancholy sigh and shook her head, as if genuinely believing what was forecast there…apparently it wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

Came back and had a sudden energy slump.  Randomly cast my eye over 2011’s NaNoWrioMo novel. Should really go through it – I can feel the jar of the bits that need fleshing out and editing, but on the whole I like it, and actually enjoy reading it.

A friend suggested I had a National Novel Editing Month, where I could take my novel and focus on editing it for a month in the same lighthearted way I approached NaNoWriMo itself – see it as practice for the fun of it and see what happens.

Perhaps this year I should have a ‘NaNoEdMo’ in November instead, if I can cope with not writing another novel.  Part of me wants to write the sequel – last year’s is actually set up to be a series, or at least a trilogy, which was rather daring of me!  Alternatively I could take another month and label it NaNoEdMo but that would take away from writing and editing my main book…hmmm.

Food for thought, though.



Apparently there is a NaNoEdMo.  Designated month is March.  Yeech.  March is pretty busy for me…but I’ll bear it in mind. (@NaNoEdMo)

14 thoughts on “NaNoEdMo?

  1. Pete Denton says:

    I like the sound of that, though a month just isn’t long enough for me. More like three months so NaNoEdTriMo?

    Good luck deciding what to do. It is a good sign when you enjoy reading it back 🙂


  2. collier1960 says:

    I’m glad I stopped by (via a #nanowrimo Tweet).
    I’ve set April 1st as an editing deadline, but have made no progress toward it yet. March would be a perfect month for me.

    This morning a coworker (an interested non-writer) asked why I could be as motivated as I was each day in November. Somehow self imposed deadlines are easier to ignore.

    I’m ready to commit to a month of serious editing. Thanks so much, Lucy, for sharing NaNoEdMo!


  3. Trisha says:

    NaNoEdMo is happening right now – I was meant to participate but forgot until March 5! And now they’ve experienced a site attack! So the site is down. Poor little site 😦


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