STOP PRESS: I am not a poopy head

I SAVE THE CARDS that people send me over the years – a medley of them are scurried away in old shoeboxes. Every now and then I shuffle through them and remember forgotten stories.

One I never forget is a card sent to me by my friend in Canada – on the front it says I like you.  On the inside it says You’re not a poopy head.  The thought of it always makes me grin.  Ha!  I have proof!  I am not a poopy head! (It seems you really can get cards for any occasion).

Sometimes we need to be told that we’re okay.  That we’re liked.  That we haven’t messed up beyond all measure.  That we’re not total failures or lost causes or just plain silly.  That we’re not poopy heads.  That God never gives up on us.

So that’s my word for you today: whatever you may feel, you’re liked.  You’re loved.

You are not  a poopy head.


6 thoughts on “STOP PRESS: I am not a poopy head

  1. angalmond says:

    Thank you- that’s just the encouragement I needed to hear right now.
    Altho I would have appreciated a picture of the card, so I can be sure of what a poopy-head looks like, if only to confirm that I am not a PH

    blessings x


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