it’s all Greek to me

I’VE DECIDED to read the New Testament in a year.  The Greek New Testament.  It should increase my familiarity with it,
plus it gives me a framework to revise my Greek, which helps.  It’s quite funny hearing me do it, though.  Yes, I did say hearing. I tend to translate aloud.  Even if it’s a quiet muttering.  I’ve decided to go with the flow as much as possible and not stop constantly to look things up – absorbing the language as I go.  Since I’m using my (supremely stroke-able) Reader’s Edition of the UBS, there is a running dictionary at the bottom of the page with less common words, so that works well for me.

However, when I’m muttering (a mixture of the Greek and my attempts at English equivalents) I tend to increase volume when I hit a word I’m really familiar with.  Hence I end up sounding something like this: mutter mutter mutter THE TREE! mutter mutter BEHOLD! mutter mutter SON OF GOD! ….mutter etc.

Hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll be doing a lot of yelling!


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2 thoughts on “it’s all Greek to me

    • Lucy Mills says:

      Hi Nicola,

      I started learning Greek when studying at LST – I always find classroom learning easiest! The book we used to begin was Teach Yourself New Testament Greek by Ian MacNair. I would recommend it – you can indeed use it to teach yourself and it takes you through the learning process with exercises and tasks in an accessible way. I’d also recommend the Reader’s Edition of the UBS Greek New Testament (pictured) especially if you’re learning alone and want to be able to get reading quickly- it has a running dictionary of less common words at the bottom of each page and the rest of the vocab at the back. Unfortunately these books aren’t cheap! However those are the two I would recommend to start with, from my experience.


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