here ends the dreaming…

…which sounds very negative, but I’ll tell you now – it’s not.

In the lull between Christmas and New Year, as the Christmas lights still sparkle, my mind goes on a journey.  More than one – it fizzes and pops with all the potentials and possibilities, of dreams and hopes and all those things which sound a bit corny if we try and put them into the words.

We are usually on ‘holiday’ during this period and this year is normal in that regard, although our lurgy ridden states has meant we have been even more sedentary than normal.

This does not stop the dreaming – the exploring in my mind, the venturing, the whispering of wishes.

But here, on New Year’s Eve, this sense of lull ends.  My mind gears up again to tackle the day to day of living, putting aside those hypothetical journeys and beginning to move into the Real Thing.

You see, here is where the dreaming stops.

Here ends the dreaming, and here begins the chasing, the dancing, the living of the dreams.

Farewell 2011.  You have been full of first steps into new experiences.  Now, to venture deeper and further, seeking new understanding, new meaning, new courage.

My prayer for 2012 is that it will be fruitful, tending the seedlings planted – and transplanted – in years past, and seeing new signs of maturity.

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